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(edited, originally posted by 12 Minute Athlete)

You are more impressive than you think you are.

And you can do more than you think you can. Way more. More than even you can imagine. More than every New Years resolution you’ve ever made, more than every dream you’ve ever had, every seemingly pie-in-the-sky goal you’ve ever made.

Because here’s what most people won’t tell you: you haven’t been dreaming big enough.

YOU are the only reason you’ve never done a pull up.
You’ve told yourself you can’t do it, so your body and mind listen

Everything you’ve ever thought possible for yourself was based on thinking of yourself as an amateur. Based on the feeling that you aren’t good enough, that you’ve hit your upper limit and you can’t do any better because this is who you are: an amateur, a pretty-good-but-never-quite-amazing athlete/dreamer/person.

But here’s what you have to realize: you’re the only one holding yourself back.

You. Not your genes, not your unathleticness, not your age, not your weight, not whether you’re male or female, you. Your own fears and doubts are the only things holding you back from being the athlete — and the person — you were meant to be.

You are the only reason you’ve never done a pull up. Not because you’re a girl, or because you have long/stringy/weak arms (I can relate to this one), or whatever other excuse you’ve made up for yourself. Your own mindset is the only thing holding you back from cranking out pull up after pull up... You’ve already told yourself you can’t do it, so your body and mind listen.

So today, you have a choice. You can continue living your life as an amateur, as someone who puts limits on what you can accomplish, someone who never allows yourself to reach your full potential. Or… You can commit all the way. Go all in.

If you choose this route, if you finally step away from the safe and easy path and decide on the challenging one instead, you will suddenly find that a whole world of possibilities open up to you, and accomplish the previously impossible.

It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

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Posted on October 27, 2014 .