Best of Arcaro Boxing (Summer, 2014)

We launched Fuel for the Machine June, 2014. We've decided it would be a good time to put out a small collection of thoughtful snippets of blog posts from our favorite Seattle gym owner, Tricia Arcaro Turton from Arcaro Gym. Enjoy.


Vulnerability is true strength. Boxing has unearthed this knowledge in me. Boxing has allowed vulnerability to have a voice and be a powerful presence in my life. Boxing has taught me more about the weaknesses I possess and how they can be used powerfully and how acknowledging them allows me to develop more strength.

Boxing and Vulnerability  June 9, 2014


Repetition is key to training. While it’s true that we aren’t here to have the same dull experience over and over, it is also true that repeating the same thing over and over again gives us information...

We often practice and repeat patterns we are completely unaware of and it usually takes discomfort, conflict or some outside source to enlighten us. This is one of the many reasons I love boxing.

Repetition  June 13, 2014


Recently I watched the movie Klitschko and... (uncorked) is how Vitali Klitschko began fighting early in his career. He was easy to hit because of this style. I keep playing the footage of reckless Vitali over and over and seeing how the openings are so obvious. How if he switched things up, he would get what he wanted with less damage. (the light bulb finally goes on)

After Vitali started working with Emanuel Steward he learned the art of patience and how to use his height and reach to decrease the amount of openings he provided opponents.

...when you think you will never get what you want - take a step back and remember to change focus.

Focus  June 24, 2014


Boxing fitness pushes you to entirely different levels. You have to fully concentrate to deliver a punch while moving. You have to engage your entire body to deliver an effective punch on a stationary heavy bag and often times by the end of a round, you will feel like the heavy bag won without ever throwing a punch back at you.

Boxing teaches you about standing your ground, knowing when to give, how to change your perspective and what it means to push yourself to your furthest limit.

So, You Think Boxing is Barbaric?  July 3, 2014


When you step in the ring, adrenaline rises as does everything from your sub-conscious. Recently I’ve been calling this The Haunting. It surges through your veins with every bit of footwork, with every punch delivered and taken. It takes over your thoughts and interrupts your instinct. The Haunting usurps your focus and keeps you from the task right in front of you.

The most successful boxers learn how to address the sub-conscious in training so that when the fight comes, the Haunting doesn’t take over. 

Hauntings  July 17, 2014


Boxing is all about relaxed strength and engagement. It’s about being aware and alert when out of hitting distance (repose) and being calm when in the pocket (still in the midst of activity). It’s also about how you travel from repose to activity. As boxers, we call this crossing the gap. Crossing the gap must be mastered before one can even entertain hanging out in the pocket.

Repose and Activity  July 28, 2014


When folks say boxing is dying, I couldn’t disagree more. I’m seeing a desire for more and more longevity in learning. People in our culture are hungry to slow down at least for an hour a day to pay attention to themselves and their personal growth. That doesn’t always translate to competition, but that’s ok because what it means is that more and more folks are open to what boxers have to do. It means that there are a few more people that understand boxing is more than slugging it out with another. It’s a few more folks that will support our dedicated competitors.

Boxing is so universal. It applies to business, personal conflicts, traumas, celebrations and everything in between.

Arcaro on Boxing  August 25, 2014

Posted on September 11, 2014 .