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Willing To Be Hit

To be willing to be hit is a powerful skill. As always, boxing is a backward sport. It’s never like you think. 

To be powerful, you must be relaxed. To be accurate you cannot aim. To have strength, you don’t need huge muscles. And to be elusive, you have to be willing to be hit.

Nothing happens without risk - in life and in the ring it is the same. Nothing happens when you are afraid. What seems like a 100 foot drop off is typically a step off a curb when you finally take the risk.

We often wait for the “right time” to take action. We look for that perfect clean shot or for the moment we see the opening, but that’s always too late. Risk getting hit and you will feel the opening before it happens. Risk getting hurt and you will find your power in unimaginable ways

Posted on November 3, 2014 .