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Bugs on the Windshield

(warning: the following post is especially heavy in metaphors)

“Putting bugs on the windshield” - that is a Teddy Atlas boxing aphorism that adeptly describes what can make the jab so effective. Teddy’s got a million of ‘em and half a million of his sayings are all about the importance of the mighty jab. Implicitly, it describes how the jab, especially thrown in a multitude, can both blind and distract the opponent. While they are busy avoiding and brushing away the “bugs” they are momentarily unable to counter and potentially vulnerable to what may be about to hit them in the grille.

Why so many pithy sayings about such a basic maneuver? Well, just as boxing is deceptively complex, the jab is deceptively functional. The jab looks like nothing, but the expert fighter can wield this fight weapon with great strategic purpose. 

Posted on January 27, 2015 .