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Advancing with Abandon

(edited, originally posted by Arcaro Boxing)

Many times boxers get stuck looking for one clean punch. We worry about gassing out if we let our hands go. We worry about being ineffective if we don’t land everything we throw. We miss opportunity after opportunity because of our waiting and indecision. We miss completely or openings close before we can exploit them.

It takes courage to throw punches. You must throw to connect and risk being countered by your opponent. You have to be willing to be off the mark so you can learn and get feedback to find your target. You have to be willing to explore and try things out, to risk failure, to risk feeling ineffective until you break through.

It’s all backwards, but true… the more you deliver punches the more energy you get back in your own body, the more interested and engaged you will be. The more punches you throw, the more likely you will be in the present moment and respond from instinct.

...seeking change always requires a touch of insanity. If taking action
before the perfect conditions arise... is unreasonable and reckless,
then we must be unreasonable and reckless.

- Brendon Burchard

The more time I spend in the gym, in the ring and around boxers, the more I want to live my outside the ring life the same way. Read Burchard’s words (above) again. It is so true for the ring and for life. Courage is a choice. We are so bound up and constricted in our society by our fears and our anticipation of the future. I can picture countless times I’ve frozen with worry about the outcome, versus just putting the words out there to see what happens. So many of us struggle with autonomy, having our voices heard—letting our punches go.

It’s time to move forward with abandon, to embrace our creativity and go for it.

Posted on April 13, 2015 .

Bugs on the Windshield

(warning: the following post is especially heavy in metaphors)

“Putting bugs on the windshield” - that is a Teddy Atlas boxing aphorism that adeptly describes what can make the jab so effective. Teddy’s got a million of ‘em and half a million of his sayings are all about the importance of the mighty jab. Implicitly, it describes how the jab, especially thrown in a multitude, can both blind and distract the opponent. While they are busy avoiding and brushing away the “bugs” they are momentarily unable to counter and potentially vulnerable to what may be about to hit them in the grille.

Why so many pithy sayings about such a basic maneuver? Well, just as boxing is deceptively complex, the jab is deceptively functional. The jab looks like nothing, but the expert fighter can wield this fight weapon with great strategic purpose. 

Posted on January 27, 2015 .

Conflict and Sharing Punches!

As a society we are obsessed with conflict. We love it and we hate it. We love to watch it on reality shows. We like to see it in others as long as we aren’t close to it. We love to watch our sports teams and athletes square off. We love to take sides, to find wrong and right and to see winners and losers. We also love to do whatever it takes to avoid conflict because it is uncomfortable. We will withhold information, side step by saying something different than we really mean and sometimes completely run away.

What if we saw conflict as sharing punches? As a sort of maze that we both had to go into and navigate together to come out of with some new answers? What if we saw conflict as a process to learn about what hurts us, what we are desperate to defend and how much we want our ideas heard? What if we saw the person we are having conflict with as having the same issues? What if we didn’t see the result of conflict having to have a winner and loser, a right and wrong person?  Would we try to avoid it as much?

Posted on January 12, 2015 .

Practice the Art of Taking a Punch

Being able to take a punch is not a study in being submissive, nor should it be a practice of absorbing shots with your face or body. It’s about developing defensive skills and physical fortitude to address the inevitability that, if you’re mixing it up with another fighter, you’re going to get hit. A worthy opponent is going to serve you a feast of punches, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat all those punches like you’re a hungry heavy bag.

First, let’s address your attitude in the ring. You must protect yourself always, but, at the same time, you absolutely need to avoid being scared stiff. We recently reposted an article about the need for calmness and the power that comes with being willing to be hit. Through practice, from sparring and competition experience, you will gain an understanding of what to do when a punch comes your way, which will ultimately give you the necessary confidence to be at ease.

Posted on December 2, 2014 .