Pasta is Fight Fuel!

Pasta is bad for you, right? Oh, but how can something so good be bad? Well, truth is, it’s maybe not so bad. In fact, for those of us who train to fight, pasta is actually quite good. It’s an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which provide a ton of energy and it’s a source of many essential vitamins and minerals. Of course once you start topping pasta with high calorie, high fat, dense fillings, sauces and extras, it begins to become the bad food so many proclaim it to be.

Pasta is super easy to prepare and
no protein shake is nearly as satisfying!


Yep, pasta is pretty darn nutritious and, minus sauce, is quite low fat. Okay, you’re thinking “but carbs are unhealthy, right?” Check your food pyramid, sister! carbohydrates are right there at the bottom - the foundation, you might say. Remember, you need carbs for energy, and pasta, with its complex carbohydrates, provides significant sustained energy and helps you regulate blood sugar levels. If it’s a gym day you’ll especially want a good supply of carbs like pasta for fuel as well as for recovery.

Your average, everyday pasta is made from wheat. You’ve no doubt heard of all the trendy talk of the benefits of living gluten-free, but the gluten protein that comes from the wheat grain is what gives pasta its chewy texture. Fortunately, you really don’t have to avoid glutens unless you truly have a gluten sensitivity. Plus, if go for whole wheat pasta you’ll get lower carbs and higher fiber content.

Pasta is also naturally cholesterol free and low in sodium. Best of all, pasta is, of course, an excellent base for delicious additions. Add some meat to the sauce and you’re adding protein. Add some vegetables and you’re gaining a slew of nutrients. Pasta is super easy to prepare and no protein shake is nearly as satisfying or beneficial to your training!

So now you no longer need to avoid pasta! You’re welcome. But you know, do still avoid the “all-you-can-eat” variety and maybe best to stay away from the quattro formaggi and endless breadsticks. Just keep it simple and feed your machine!!

Posted on September 17, 2014 .