Stress is an Equal Opportunity Issue

(excerpted from Cappy's Gym blog)

A group of Fifth Grade Girl Scouts recently worked out at Cappy’s as part of earning their Staying Fit Badge. Afterwards, we asked them to write down what they liked and didn’t like about their boxing workout. We “grown-ups” chuckled at some of the quotes, like “I liked pretending to punch my enemies.”


25% to 49% of youths reported symptoms of stress:
headaches, trouble sleeping, disrupted eating habits.


In the days following their workout, I kept the “Release STRESS” card on a Heavy Bag station and mentioned to Fitness Class boxers that the card was left over from the Girl Scout workout, that part of earning their badge was that they learned to “stress less.”  Many wondered what kind of stress 11 year olds could possibly have.

The American Psychological Association has been including youth as young as 8 years old in their annual Stress in America surveys since 2009, and found that kids worry about their family finances, school, and social relationships. Consider social media’s influence and impact, rising adult stress levels and increasing reports of violence in schools, and it’s not surprising that stress levels are high.

The survey also recorded the discrepancies between what youth say about their own stress and what their parents were aware of. 25% to 49% of youths surveyed reported symptoms of stress: headaches, trouble sleeping, disrupted eating habits. However, the percentage of parents who were aware of these issues in their kids was only 8% to 13%.

Youth and adult alike: we have stress. Most adults know that exercise helps release stress. Take it from the Girl Scouts, “I liked how I felt afterward!”  “It was fun. We punched things and released a lot of stress!”


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Posted on March 25, 2015 .