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Brown Rice is Fight Rice!

Ahh, brown rice… sounds boring, but if you’re into nutrition and feeding your fight machine, brown rice is actually pretty exciting. 

Eating brown rice is kinda like eating potatoes with the skin on. Just like spuds, there’s the white, fluffy part on the inside and the brown, earthy layer on the outside. And just like the nutrient rich skin of a potato, the outer layer of rice - the bran and the germ of the rice grain - is where so much nutrition lies. White rice is what you get when you strip away the bran and germ from brown rice. And when you take away the brown outer layer of the rice grain you change it from a whole grain powerhouse to a basic starchy foodstuff. In fact, even “enriched” white rice, like what we have in the US, pales in comparison (pun intended) to it’s original unmodified state.

Posted on October 23, 2014 .