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Sleep, The Other Kind of Fuel

You exercise regularly and eat right in order to stay fit and perform at your peak, but you'll never reach your fitness goals unless you're also giving ‘the machine’ plenty of time to recover with sleep. In fact, your diet, exercise and sleep are all dynamically tied to one another. If you eat poorly your workouts and sleep will suffer; if you’re inactive your sleep and metabolism won’t be optimal; and yes, if you don’t get sufficient sleep expect to suck wind and just generally suck at everything. 

Sleep is a critical component for your overall well-being, physically and mentally. As a fighter, you need it to repair post-workout tissue damage, but you'll also enjoy a more efficient metabolism, better hormone balance, and acuter (sure, that’s a word) mental sharpness. As many as one in three adults get six or less hours of sleep every night and and a survey revealed that some two-thirds of Americans report occasional sleeping problems like insomnia or snoring. And any lack of good, adequate sleep could dilute your efforts at being awesome.

Posted on August 20, 2014 .