Incharge Fitness, 619 5th NW, Bemidji
Contact: Billy Fisher
(218) 556-7956

Areas Served: Bemidji, Beltrami County, Areas within Northern Minnesota

Percentage of Female Membership: 80% - 100%

Types of Training Offered: Boxing Classes, Kickboxing Classes, Access to Bags, Training for Competition Available

Additional Comments: A wide variety of individuals who train at fitness center. From youth to adults, ranging from people desiring to improving their fitness levels; to individuals partaking to learn basic self protection methods. Majority of gym goers are female who participate in this platform to better their bodies, minds, improve health, and gain confidence. Basic self defense techniques along with fitness boxing, fitness kickboxing, mma training, and strength/conditioning instruction is used as a main staple during fitness training. These diverse styles allow members to train functionally for everyday use. Training and athletes are available for competition training, and higher level fitness programs.

Holmen (Wisconsin)

301 Ryan Street, Holmen, WI
Contact: Eric Anderson Email
(606) 526-6120
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Percentage of Female Membership: 10% - 20%

Types of Training Offered: Boxing Classes, Kickboxing Classes, Muay Thai Classes, Access to Bags, Sparring Available, Training for Competition Available

Additional Comments: We have All female boxing. We also have Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Judo