Can I Use "Bag Gloves" on the Heavy Bag?

At Machina we currently don't offer what are often known as "bag gloves" - those oven mitts posing as protective gear. We make gear specific for women's needs and, in our view, these gloves usually aren't worth their low price when it comes to protecting your hands. 


the mittens on the left will protect your hands,
the ones on the right... not so much

The term "Bag gloves" can refer to any kind of boxing glove, but what we're talking about in this posting are the very basic gloves that primarily cover the knuckles and do little else. Typically these gloves offer zero protection for your precious thumbs and no support for your wrists. The padding on this variety of glove is often lower quality and thinner - many times the padding begins to fall apart within a relatively short period of use. 

Bag gloves are a decent option for working on speed bags or any training that doesn't involve hitting a firm target, but then again, you generally don’t need to protect your hands for speed bag work. More often than not though, the basic bag glove is promoted as a cheap alternative to real training gloves. Again, this is the typical state of a bag glove; there may be some good versions out there and you should do your own additional research.

Our recommendation for any woman wanting to work the heavy bag is to use something like our Carbonado Training Gloves and ALWAYS use hand wraps to avoid injury.  If you insist on using a lower quality bag glove, at the very least be sure you wrap your hands very securely to try to compensate for any lacking in protection. Do plenty of research before you buy and only use equipment that is in good condition and fits well.

Oh and Geez, Louise! Please don't punch heavy bags with your 5oz MMA fight gloves unless you're trying to develop a chronic hand injury. 

Posted on August 21, 2014 .