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Oh, OK, TKO, but WTF is an RSF?

Here we go... so a “TKO”, technical knockout, is basically awarded anytime a ref deems a fighter is unable to continue without being counted out. We could just call it a regular Knockout (KO) since, for all intents and purposes, the implication is the knockout is inevitable. In a way, the TKO seems less than a KO, but ultimately they are equal. The TKO just shows that boxing is still a civilized sport.

TKOs can also be awarded because of a Doctor’s Stoppage (an injury from a blow is too much for the fight to continue), Corner Stoppage (when the corner decides it is better for the fighter not to continue) and, in some contests, Multiple Knockdowns (by rule, when a fighter has been down on the canvas too many times in one round).

Posted on July 21, 2014 .