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Iranian Women Venture "Into the Sea" Seeking Freedom

As further proof that women are fundamentally a bunch of spit-in-the-eye-of-establishment rulebreakers, it seems there are a small number of enormously brave Iranian women hanging ten whilst flipping the bird at an infamously oppressive society.

In the West, we'd never think of it... recreational activity as non-violent protest. Well, maybe that's not exactly what this is, but it may as well be. These young, modern Iranian female surfers are getting out there and embracing the freedom... of the waves. That's probably how they got the name for their surf club and movement for change

It all began with one recklessly adventurous Irish (yes, from Ireland) lassie named Easkey Britton who decided it would be a good idea to travel to Iran (yes, Iran) to find some un-surfed sea. Mission accomplished, barriers broken. 

There's also a documentary titled Into the Waves. Check out the official trailer below.

Posted on March 19, 2015 .