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Add Cartwheels to Your Training

You used to do cartwheels. They were a part of school recess fun. You’d do cartwheels in PE class just to pass the time between bouts of tug of war. … They’re a fun and youthful demonstration of joy, but cartwheels are also a good way to develop balance, flexibility and strength and a great way to test yourself in these capacities. Best of all, cartwheels can be done nearly anywhere and you need no special equipment.

Firstly, let’s not forget that the seemingly modest cartwheel is ultimately a gymnastics maneuver. Most anyone can do at least a limited version. Some folks can kick their feet halfway above their head and then come to rest on all fours, while others can make it up to a decent handstand yet end up landing on their knees. These demonstrations are not a disgrace, simply a lack of grace. A well performed cartwheel is beautiful in its seemingly effortless simplicity. To do a good one you need to employ a modicum of balance, flexibility and strength plus a good supply of confidence. And confidence comes with practice. 

Lift Weights, Lift Your Training

I know, I know, if you lift weights you’re going to get HUGE and muscle-y. Seems like every female believes this, as if somehow they are biologically unusual. Ironically, the truth is that lifting weights will allow you to reshape your body in a good way that very few other regimens can touch. More importantly (for this blog), lifting weights is a great way to complement your fight training and prepare “the machine” for endurance as well as intense bursts of power.

Resistance training can help burn away unwanted fat effectively and any muscle that’s added will be lean mass that actually takes up less space - one pound of fat reportedly bulges about 18% more than a pound of muscle. And you really needn’t worry about bulking up: women have a fraction of the testosterone, a necessary component of building muscle mass, that men have - typically about 1/20th. Plus an average woman may have only about 70% of the muscle density of a man of similar proportions. Yes, men naturally have a head start when it comes to muscle development.